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Shenzhen Jiuming Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Jiuming Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the innovative use of technology to produce electronic educational products.
Our “OID talking pen” and “OID teacher’s pointer” are the first of their kind anywhere in the world to incorporate “invisible” OID code (Optic Identification /Optic Index pen of monomer) technology in their production. Such all-in-one gadgets vocalize written materials when their tips are moved near the text. These two lines of products have already obtained the State Intellectual Property Bureau’s patent in their new practical use. Within such series, the HB-69, HB-79 models have also obtained the design patent on their appearance as well. Because of its unique point-to-read user-friendly feature and aesthetic design, since its launch it has drawn the market’s attention, evident in the recent flood of language learning and reading tools.
As for the teaching material itself, we have been working closely with our trading partners at home and abroad, and the educational departments and publishers, in the development, publishing and production of 8 series of 120 volumes of English textbooks and 350 volumes of other books that are encrypted with OID codes. It is the first of its kind anywhere in the world that puts such technology into domestic use in such a scale. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in many aspects of this industry, i.e. design and production of different kinds of OID pens, production of OID-equipped books, audio compression, and market research. To date, our products are not only sold at home, but also abroad, including U.S.A., Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia.

Jinan Hang Tak (hollow glass equipment) aluminum doors and windows machinery plant equipment

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Jinan Hang Tak (hollow glass equipment) aluminum doors and windows equipment machinery plant is to focus on empty glass equipment, hollow glass production lines, aluminum doors and windows equipment, plastic doors and windows equipment research, development, production, operating in one, with a high-culture Level and standard of high-tech workforce, with improved technology center, marketing center, network centres, training centres and other supporting agencies and high-quality marketing, technical and management personnel. Aluminum alloy doors and windows main production equipment, aluminum doors and windows equipment, plastic doors and windows equipment, steel doors and windows equipment, hollow glass equipment, and other products, its technology skills, quality, reliable, high technology content, leading to similar domestic products.
Jinan Hang Tak (hollow glass equipment) aluminum doors and windows equipment machinery plant equipment over the years to the doors and windows of the research and development, sharing resources, complement each other and take the professional, quality and scale of development, development of plastic doors and windows Clean-up of automatic welding, aluminum-plastic profiles sawing and milling CNC machining centers, and other equipment, doors and windows to promote China’s industries into the digital era, is a pioneer in the industry has many resources professionals, and through many years of accumulation in the industry continue to create excellent Reputation, is now operated by a variety of products have passed inspection departments at all levels of authentication.
Jinan Hang Tak (hollow glass equipment) aluminum doors and windows machinery equipment factories all staff adhering to the “Let me serve you,” the purpose and dedication for you.

Bambootrade Alliance Corporation

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“Zeal for Nature,Love of Life ”

BAC specialized in bamboo products for seven years,so we have many experience for controlling the quality of bamboo products.
These bamboo items in supplying as follows:
bamboo floorings (parquet), bamboo accessory,bamboo thread-woven flooring(strand board), engineered bamboo flooing, wideboard,square parquet,bamboo panel (benchtop),table top and plyboo
Bamboo carpet,bamboo rugs, bamboo mat,bamboo wallpaper,bamboo placemats and bamboo cushion
Bamboo garden furnitures, bamboo bench,bamboo fencing and edging,bamboo shade,bamboo planters and screens
Bamboo cutting board,pressed bamboo plates and other tableware
Bamboo poles,bamboo stained canes,MOSO bamboo polesand agriculture bamboo sticks
.We usually export our goods to USA,Italy,South Africa, New Zealand,Australia,Hungary,Holland and Spain etc. Our bamboo flooring,bamboo wallpaper and bamboo accessories are in distribution in Metro,OBI supermarket in Hungary. If you would place a trial order,you will also be satisfactory with our reliable quality bamboo products.
If you want to get more information about our bamboo,pls give me an email or visit our website://

Jiaonan City of Guangxin International Trust and grounding group

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Jiaonan City of Guangdong International Trust and grounding group of plants will be launched in March 1992, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 5,800 square meters, the existing market development at 10 and three production workshops, warehousing and other logistics vehicles with long-range. Enterprises in the fierce competition in the market developed rapidly, continuously improve the quality management system to enhance the quality awareness of employees and business skills training to high-quality, stable products to expand market share, product quality in the past few years of testing all standard checks Qualified, coupled with good after-sales service already has a number of well-known enterprises of the company have long-term cooperation promote the use of the LWG-01 type, JZG-02-type electrical grounding drop of resistance, after the company R & D personnel to develop, absorb all the years Resistance drop the merits of products and re-launched the HCJ-01-more mature after more stable and long-term low-resistance state. The product has received scientific and technological progress in Shandong building first-class system launched campaigns drop resistance products, cast copper grounding rods, copper-clad steel grounding rods, efficient ion grounding rods, Jiang Zuji, drop resistance module, grounding module