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YAX Rhinestone & Hotfix Motif Factory

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We are a professional manufacturer of hotfix motifs, located in Guangzhou, china.mainly engaged in production of hotfix motifs using rhinestones, hotfix rhinestuds, nailhead, etc.
Business areas:
1.Manufacture rhinestones and hotfix motifs.
2.Sale rhinestones, Swarovski, rhinestuds, hot fix motifs, hotfix nailhead.
3.Export various jewelries of apparel accessories, such as hotfix tapes, Resinous rhinestones, laser motifs, hotfix pictures, lace rhinestones, hotfix machine, etc.Environmental rhinestones and SGS certificate: lead and cadmium content is less than 1ppm.
With over 2000 square meters area and 1600 workers, our factory and branches have the capability of large-scale production and fast shipping. The ultra-low price and high quality ensure us to your the first choice.
Our advantages:
1. Unique un-distorted package.
2.Good reputation
3. Ultra-low price: only 30% of market price.
4. Quality guarantee: any quality problem, all will be in our responsibility.