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Educating people in Guangzhou Education Consulting Co., Ltd

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Educating people in Guangzhou Education (Hubei Normal University, Guangzhou Correspondence station) in Guangzhou City, education is by educating people in charge of education and business sectors of education approved the establishment of a set of information consulting, education, project development, education, service and management as one of the professional education unit,The company currently has a higher academic education, IT software training, job evaluation training, language training (English Test training) and other four projects,Relying on brand-name universities across the country over the years, the society and market, is committed to academic education and professional training and output, to focus on international and domestic talent, cultural exchange, to take the concept in the forefront of modern knowledge, to explore the practical and effectively to students was “predictable, rewarding experience”,Because hard work, application of new ideas, therefore, won the students, parents and social recognition and trust, have been expanding, to meet the needs of the community over the years provide a variety of academic education, vocational training, Self classes, adult high complex classes, adult online education college and university, college entrance information consultation, English, accounting qualification certificate, the National English Test Certificate training in subjects such as the project has reached several thousand students a few people, and the introduction of new disciplines, and development help to enhance,Now we have with many famous universities, education and scientific research institutions, its best to provide the best quality student learning and development channel, so for each participant from the advice, guidance and education to graduate full, full-service,Our school will continue to wholeheartedly to the region’s businesses and the general education students provide first-class service, and to provide career guidance and recommendations,We wish you a variety of forms of communication and contact,We warmly welcome you to the consultation, and sincerely wish you success in all aspects,


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Our mission is to help relatively small and medium-size Chinese enterprises to enter international market, obtaining good fame and business worldwide. Also, we are serving all foreign clients to explore abundant product and market resources in China. HKSHINE commitment is to provide our customers professional and accurate services, HKSHINE desire is to create value for all parties and grow together.

Inner Mongolia East Tianli Industrial and Trading Company

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Inner Mongolia East Tianli Industrial and Trading Company is an export-oriented processing enterprise and it’s one of the minority medium companies who own the upstream cashmere resource in Inner Mongolia. The company has been serving in business of materials procurement and materials production since it was founded ten years ago, such as raw cashmere purchasing, carding, dying and spinning. Since 2009, great changes in foreign and domestic cashmere market have brought quick effects to the downstream factories, raising the cost of production. We took the opportunity to integrate several local factories in Inner Mongolia together and built a series of processing service from raw material purchasing, dying and spinning to finished products. We have completed our own pricing system in cashmere and wool production, which consists yarn spinning, dying, designing and producing together till 2010. Besides the domestic market, we have also won great support from foreign customers owing to our absolute price superiority in cashmere market. The quick development for years, especially in 2010, has brought us great reputation both in domestic market and foreign market.

Our company is located in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, which is close to the base of high quality cashmere like Albas, Erdos, Alashan and so on. There are rich resources, convenient traffic and rapid communication in Hohhot. In each year, we can produce over 300,000 pieces products with our own brand “Danyu/Chilege” on, including cashmere scarves, cashmere shawls, gloves, hats and some sweaters or shirts. Our products are best sold in whole country and also in foreign market, such as Japan, Korea, Euro, America, East and south Asia, highly appreciated by new and old customers. The company is not large, but we stick to the professional management. Taking advantage of the cashmere resource we have, we integrate the whole process, strictly qualified the products with ISO9001 standard, competitive pricing, and struggle for development in more broad and new domestic and foreign market.