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shenzhen chemical research co.,ltd

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we are a manufactory for RC chemicals in China and we are ready to supply you with our Products of 98.99% purity.of very high quality and at a moderate cost . We do provide a fast, secure and reliable delivery to all countries ,state and Cities.
Authenticity is guaranteed
AB-PINACA | A.M-22011
PV8 | M.D.P.V
Methylone | A-P.V.P
Peramivir | 5-MEO-DAIT
2-CI | A-PVT
4-MPHP | A.P.B.P
PB-22 |5FPB-22
BB-22 | 5FUR-144
AKB48-F | AKB48
UR-144 | A-796260
JWH-122 | URB597
EMA-2201 | MAM-2201 If anything we can do for you , pls let me know freely .
Best Regards
Ms.Phoebe Zhang
Tel No: +86 182 0179 1839
Skype : phoebezhang2315

Electric Motors Department of A&S machinery Co.,Ltd

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Electric Motors Department of A&S machinery Co., a leading provider of
electric motors for the global industrial market, with motor solutions that benefit a
wide range of customers involved in numerous diverse markets. Our products are
used in almost every industrial activity including water treatment, building
services, chemicals/petrochemicals, general processing and manufacturing where
they drive fans, pumps,compressors and conveyors amongst other things.
We aim to supply the needs of our clients with the quality electric motors and just
in time delivery. We procure customers needed motor products from OEM,
genuine, original, replacement, aftermarket and re-manufactured sources. Our
sources are the best complying with domestic and international standards and
procedures. We have been dispatching products to customers in Japan, South
Korea, India, Iran, United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russian
Federation, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, South
Africa, Egypt, etc.
We have trading relationships with global famous manufactures including Baldor,
Johnson, GE, Dayton, Maxon, ABB, A.O Smith, Emerson, Leeson, Mabuchi,
WEG,Siemens,Century,Fasco,Pittman, Brook Crompton, SEW-EURODRIVE,
Elektrim.etc. Please be free to contact us by Email or calling if there’s any product
we can provide for you,the details about product model numbers, products
specifications, delivery specifications and other requirements will help us to
provide better service for you.
Fast and reliable delivery is a very important aspect of our quality of service
policy. If you are a wholesale dealer or an industrial producer interested in high
quality and competitive Motors, please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to your coming and starting our cooporation in Electrical

Suzhou Dongtai Magnetics Co., Ltd

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Suzhou Dongtai magnetics Co., Ltd. are specialized in manufacturing bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets. We have been supplying the market with excellent quality products and services in competitive prices for years, and have earned well appraisement. Our expert knowledge, years of experience and modern plant enable us to offer:

1.Various specifications
2.full range of different shapes (such as arcs, rings, or others meeting your needs)
3.High magnetic stability
4.Excellent size tolerance
5.Good mechanical strength
6.sprayed epoxy coatings, electrophoretic epoxy coatings and CVD parylene coatings available, this can make the surfaces of our products glossy, dense, rustproof and no flaking.
7.multi-pole planar/radial poling
8.complete customer-oriented designing and manufacturing
9.excellent quality through quality management

Our products have been widely used in stepper motors, Micro Motors, Dashboard Instruments, Peripheral Computer Equipment, medical instruments, Sensor Magnets, clocks & watches, household appliance, etc.

It is our commitment to supply high quality products and specialized services for customers. We are looking forward to cooperation with you!

Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd

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Hunan Shinestar Steel Group(HSSG) was founded in 1978 and our enterprise is the predecessor of branch of China’s oil and gas pipeline science research institute, as the most authoritative pipeline engineering research institute, consists of eight backbone institute and line pipe bureau postdoctoral research stations, oil and gas pipe is “safe” the main body of the national engineering laboratory on units, is China technology center and plumbing contractor branch of China welding association director branch pipe welding unit, and a large number of sophisticated equipment and high-end talent in pipeline engineering materials, pipe welding technology, piping, special tools and pipeline construction technology, pipeline corrosion protection technology, piping nondestructive testing technology, pipeline safety evaluation, pipe information standard eight fields a leading domestic level, undertake and fulfill the country and provincial key technology research projects more than 200 items, has a number of national patent results at home and abroad, and key pipeline engineering application widely.
As a professional manufacturer of steel products , we have invested five factories throughout China,which are Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.,Hunan Longshengda Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd., Hebei Litonglian Seamless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Xingde Large Steel Pipe Plant and Guangzhou Juyi Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd ,Our main products are seamless steel pipes, ERW, SSAW, LSAW pipes with production capacity of 2,000,000MT per year.The range of our products:Seamless steel pipe :OD: 1/4 inch-36 inch, wall thickness:1.25mm to 50mm,ERW steel pipe/ HFI steel pipe: OD:1/8 inch to 24 inch, wall thickness: max 26.5mmLSAW steel pipe: OD:16 inch to 64 inch , wall thickness: max 65mmSpiral welded steel pipe: OD:219mm to 3120mm, wall thickness: 3mm to 25mm
HSSG is the key national high-tech enterprises,and the base backbone enterprises of the State Torch Program in iron and steel industry.
In pace with reform and open going on deep and the encouragement and support of the nation policy,The direction of state enterprise reform is to establish morden enterprise system, the important way of which is corporationalization,HSSG born in an environment full of both challenges and opportunities
HSSG is a South-North Water Diversion, major projects such as the West-East Gas Transmission welding of the main suppliers of steel pipeline
HSSG has 1825 employees which included more than 482 professional engineers, with total assets of RMB 2 billion
HSSG has constructed and invested five steel pipe factories which can privide the full products range for oil and gas pipeline and also in the preparation of complete construction plans for the international projects.
.We will continually strive to establish brand image, create good credit standing and develop into a giant in the steel pipe industry!


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Наша компания ориентировается на исследование,производство, экспорт графитовых электродов и других изделий из графита.
Наш завод находится в провинции Цзинин и Сычуань в Китае.
Наша компания была основана в 1986 году.
Наша продукция является конкурентоспособной на мировом рынке с хорошем качеством и ценой.
Наша компания в основном поставляют RP, пропитанные (HD), HP, SHP, UHP и графитированные электроды диаметром 75мм-1400мм,.
Добро пожаловать на наш веб-сайт, чтобы просмотреть дополнительную информацию о нашей компании.
Мы надеемся на установление долгосрочных отношений сотрудничества с вами. Если вы заинтересованы в нашей продукции, свяжитесь с нами, пожалуйста.

20 марта Русская экспертов – от Челябинский электрометаллургический комбинат , посетить наш завод. Они готовы купить наши UHP350 .
Казахстан KSPSTEEL наших клиентов. Покупайте наши UHP350/400.

Baoding Tangxing Trade Co., Ltd

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BAODING TANGXING TRADE CO.,LTD is located in Baoding city, hebei province. It is a modern enterprise with integration of both manufacturing and exporting. Adjoining the capital Beijing and Tianjin port, the traffic is very convenient. And the products have been exported to over dozens of countries and regions in the word such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America etc.
Our main export scope:
1. Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe, ERW Pipe, Spiral Welded Pipe (LSAW, DSAW, SSAW Pipe) and Galvanized .Pipe, which are widely used in various pipe lines of Water, Gas, Oil, Building and so on.
2. Seamless Butt Welded Pipe Fittings ANSI B 16.9; Forged Fittings (Threaded, Socket Weld) ANSI B16.11. Following with Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and so on.
3. Forging Steel Flange: Slip On, Weld Neck, Socket Weld, Threaded, Blind. Engaged in American Standard ANSI, Japanese Standard JIS and German Standard DIN etc.
We always see to it that contracts are honored and commercial integrity is maintained. We are always ready to compete in the international market with first class products and thoughtful services. We will be pleased to enter into business relations with clients both domestic and abroad.
We are firmly convinced that we will have a more promising future!

Dongguan Shixin Mechanical Fabric Co., Ltd

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Dongguan Shixin mechanical cloth Co.,Ltd, established in 2003, is a single specialist manufacturer with mechanical production and fabric composites processing as a whole.

Mechanical processing department:
1.Compound machine: produces raw materials for shoemaking, garment, luggage, medical treatment, sports equipment, furniture industry, etc., such as cloth, leather, paper, membrane composite processing equipment etc.
Major products: waterproof glue laminating machine, super glue laminating machine, PU glue laminating machine, white glue laminating machine, hot pressing laminating machine, fire laminating machine etc.
2.Hot glue melt machine: produces intensive auxiliary materials for shoemaking, garment, luggage etc., such as low temperature hot melt film for shoes, hot malt paper lining, hot melt glue for stereotype cloth and percale etc.,
Major products: low temperature hot melt film machine, hot melt glue machine etc.
3.Adhesive coating machine: produces law materials for shoemaking, building materials, packaging, luggage industry etc., such as adhesive stickers (self-adhesive glue) for shoes materials, thermal insulation materials, membrane, paper etc.
Fabrics composites department:
Composite (lamination) processes various raw materials for different sectors
Major composite products:
1. Membrane serials: TPU waterproof breathable membrane, EVA membrane, PVC membrane, PEVA membrane, and hot melt glue membrane etc.
2. Cloth, paper, leather serials: various processing, such as composite processing, strengthening, PP lamination, laminated with waterproofing, drawnwork prevention and PU, no-glue hot pressing etc.
Shixin objective:
Continually creating, being the industry innovator;
constantly enterprising, serving for social construction.

Shenzhen Lead-mat Advanced Materials Co.,Limited

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Shenzhen Lead-mat Advanced Materials Co., Ltd base on Chinese mainland, in the supply of Advanced materials and advance materials to industrial consumers and lab worldwide. Leadmat offers a wide range of specialist metals, alloys and inorganic chemical compounds.
As a major supplier of materials,Shenzhen Lead-mat Advanced Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd can offer a widly kinds of raw materials and products.include Advanced Chemical Materials,Chemical Reagents,Fine Chemials,rare earth materials and advanced materials.
Profile: Shenzhen Lead-mat Advanced Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd distributes Laboratory Equipment. Our product line comprises of Instruments/Equipment, Analyzers, Fine Chemicals and Filtration/Separation Products for Teaching, Research, Quality Control, Medical/Hospital, Environmental & Industrial Applications.

Fine Chemical and Industrial Products
We provide Chemicals for various industrial use such as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Cosmetics, Food Processing and Manufacturing, Electronic, Semi-conductor, Electro-plating, Bio-processing, Diagnostic kits and various types of Industrial production.

Organic Fine Chemicals
We specialize in Organic Fine Chemicals and have performed extensive research and analysis. We offer a flexible custom synthesis service for organic compounds of all type. Our organic chemicals are available in quantities ranging from research to production scale. It includes

Leadmat pride our server on prompt responses and competitive pricing.
Leadmat design, synthesize,and manufacture new materials and compounds based on customer requirements. If you have some products looking for, Please contact us at anytime, We will come to you and provide you our best quotation and best service or at least point you in the right direction.
As a supplier of materials, Leadmat Advanced material co.,ltd can offer a widly kinds of raw materials and products. Just for easy to find the needs, we set up many kinds of specially topics. so you can check in metal, alloy and intermetallics, compounds if you can’t find your needs in above topic.
If you can’t find your needs, please contact with us , Leadmat will be beside you at once. Leadmat will develop with your development. Your needs are our aim!
Advanced Chemical Matrials: Reagent,Chemical Reagent,Lab Reagent,Laboratory Reagent,Analytical Reagent,,Fine Chemical,Fine Chemical Product,Acetate,Acetate Dihydrate,Hydride,Arsenate,Arsenide,Benzoate, Borate,Borohydride, Borohydride Bromate, Bromide,Carbide,Carbonate,Chloride,Chromate,Cobalt Oxide,Cobalt Phosphate, Fluoride, Formate Monohydrate, Hydride,Lithium Hydroxide Anhydrous,Hydroxide Monohydrate,Iodate,Iodide,Manganate,Metaborate,Metaborate Dihydrate, Molybdate, Niobate,
Nitrate,Nitride,Oxalate,Oxide,Perchlorate,Perchlorate Trihydrate,Dihydrate,Peroxide,Phosphate,Phosphide,Potassium Chloride, Selenide, Sulfate,Sulfide,Tantalate,Telluride,Tetraborate, Tetrafluoroborate, Titanate, Triborate, Tungstate, Zirconate…
Rare Earth Materials are all full serious of rare earth products, it include rare earth metal,rare earth oxide, rare earth boride, Rare Earth Fluoride, Rare Earth Chloride, Rare Earth Carbonate, Rare Earth Nitrate, Rare Earth Acetate and so on. Also Leadmat supply many rare earth finished product, include sputtering target, evaporation material, powder, nonometer powder, rare earth ceramic and many kinds of rare earth series products.
High Pure Materials Leadmat offer many kinds of high pure materials, they are widly used in semiconductor, electron, Crystal and other high technology industry. The purity from 4N- 7N, and they are highest pure representative all the world at present. Leadmat wellcome all scientific research organization and factory order and make use it. All products will offer material COA and MSDS.